The Denis Law Legacy Trust offers a wide variety of ways to get involved through volunteering.

Our Volunteers and Soccaristas often assist us with the on-site deployment and organisation of activities however you can also suggest others ways of contributing your time.


As a volunteer you will benefit in a variety of ways and gain valuable experience as part of a dedicated and enthusiastic team. You will enhance your CV and potential career path by obtaining certificates and qualifications and benefit from a wide variety of other incentives and social activities.

We have established and implemented a structured rewards programme through the Saltire Awards and all volunteers (between the ages of 16 – 25) are registered with Volunteer Scotland, a national organization that provides leadership on Volunteering Policy and Practice.


Streetsport is also the first sports organisation in Scotland to be award Volunteer Friendly Accreditationread more.

You will create your own individual Personal Development Plan and on completion of 50, 100 or 200 hours receive your awards and certificates.

To find out more visit our Volunteering page.

Each volunteer is expected to commit 3 hours of time every 2 weeks. Prior to involvement, you will complete an induction, safety training and a Level 1 Child Protection course.

There is also the potential for paid employment with Streetsport and a written reference after completing 6 months of volunteering (or having logged 250 hours).


A Soccarista’s is a 14 or 15 year old Streetsport participant who has demonstrated leadership ability and aims to progress onto volunteer status at the age of 16.

This designation is seen as a bridge between ‘participant’ and ‘volunteer’.

A Soccarista leads by example and acts as a role model within their local community. They assist coaches and volunteers with the set up and delivery of games and other activities and are issued with a specific uniform.


Our team of volunteers are what really makes Streetsport tick and make such a difference in the communities we deploy into. Being a volunteer with Streetsport gives you the opportunity not just to make new friends and help make a positive difference to the lives of young people over Aberdeen but also to enhance your own personal development, experience, skills and confidence.Volunteers

We recognise that volunteers are the real game changers in our organisation and should be thanked accordingly! Its far from just turning up at the start and heading home afterwards each week. We believe in helping our volunteers achieve their own positive destination in life and will help every volunteer step closer to achieving this .

Streetsport make it as easy as possible to volunteer with us, we understand everyone’s lives are busy and that family, education or work take priority over other things. This is why you don’t have to commit to certain days or even set hours of volunteering that other organisations ask of you. With Streetsport if you can fit us in we can fit you in, be it once a week or even once a month what ever you can manage we are more than happy to accommodate.

Streetsport is currently the only sports related organisation in the country to achieve the “Volunteer Friendly” award. This is a stamp of approval showing that we have all the policies and procedures in place to look after our volunteers and treat them well.

We also hold our famous “Volunteer Quarterly’s” that bring all our volunteers together every 3 months just to have fun and get to know each other better, events such as Bubble Football, High ropes courses and x-mas nights out have occurred this year.

You can also log your volunteering hours with us towards any Saltire award you may be currently working towards. On completion of 50, 100 or 200 hours volunteering which receive your award and certificate.


The majority of our support is recruited through University/College networks and local sports clubs however the project also enables professionals, corporate companies, existing participants and members of the local community to get involved and gain valuable experience and qualifications as a volunteer. A number of local youths have since used the opportunity as a springboard onto further education and employment and other positive destinations both internally with Streetsport and externally with other organisations.

For more information on becoming a volunteer with Streetsport just email m.williams2@rgu.ac.uk



A volunteer with the project must be:

  1. Believe in Streetsport.
  2. Be Willing and able to take responsibility for activities.
  3. Enthusiastic, approachable and able to act as a role model.
  4. Self-assured and enjoy working with young people aged 5 – 18 years.



A volunteer’s role & responsibilities include:

  1. Communicating with Assistant Development Officers
  2. Arriving on time at the start of the session.
  3. Assisting with the set-up of activities and/or portable arena.
  4. Assessing risk factors.
  5. Building and maintaining positive relationships with other volunteers and young people involved.
  6. Building and maintaining good lines of communication with other volunteers and young people involved.
  7. Involvement in strategic meetings.
  8. The strategic development of Streetsport.
  9. Recording attendances.


Martyn Barker

MartynReceived a “Highly Commended” certificate in the Volunteer of the year Category at the 2015 Aberdeen Sport  awards.

“Streetsport is really great, I look forward to the days when I help out. I like playing lots of different sports with the participants and getting to know like minded people. For me personally Streetsport are helping me learn new skills and develop my employability. They are assisting with my theory driving license and im looking forward to an upcoming first aid course .

The team are great and you are really made to feel welcome and part of the bigger picture. The whole experience is great and what we are working towards in Aberdeen is fantastic.

Craig Phillips

Winner of the Sport Aberdeen Outstanding Commitment Award 2013.

What I do:

As a Streetsport Assistant Volunteer, I am actively involved in supporting the Development Officer who engages young people through sport and other activities across the city. In addition to the active side of the project, I try to use my work-related skills and assist with the careers, education, funding and more recently, policy elements of Streetsport.

Craig-phillips Sport Aberdeen


After joining the initiative back in August 2011, I quickly gained new friends and a sense of reward and achievement through my participation in activities.  I believe sport is a great way to connect with young people who are disengaged and who may not, otherwise, have had the opportunity to develop their skills, confidence and self-belief. I can honestly say that I am extremely proud to be associated with the project and I will continue to work closely with the team in the future.


Josefine Bjorkqvist

Streetsport is a fantastic way to get involved in volunteering in the local community. It’s fun, active and a great chance to enhance your CV and even gain coaching qualifications.

Josefine Bjorkqvist

It has been incredible meeting so many young people and helping them develop their confidence and sportsmanship. As a volunteer you don’t just get to take part in the Streetsport sessions across Aberdeen, you also get the chance to participate in bigger sporting events and competitions and ultimately you are part of the whole Denis Law Legacy.


Contact us for further information on applying to become a volunteer.