The Denis Law Legacy Trust offers a wide variety of ways to get involved through volunteering.

Our Volunteers and Soccaristas often assist us with the on-site deployment and organisation of activities however you can also suggest others ways of contributing your time.


As a volunteer you will benefit in a variety of ways and gain valuable experience as part of a dedicated and enthusiastic team. You will enhance your CV and potential career path by obtaining certificates and qualifications and benefit from a wide variety of other incentives and social activities.

We have established and implemented a structured rewards programme through the Saltire Awards and all volunteers (between the ages of 16 – 25) are registered with Volunteer Scotland, a national organization that provides leadership on Volunteering Policy and Practice.


Streetsport is also the first sports organisation in Scotland to be award Volunteer Friendly Accreditationread more.

You will create your own individual Personal Development Plan and on completion of 50, 100 or 200 hours receive your awards and certificates.

To find out more visit our Volunteering page.

Each volunteer is expected to commit 3 hours of time every 2 weeks. Prior to involvement, you will complete an induction, safety training and a Level 1 Child Protection course.

There is also the potential for paid employment with Streetsport and a written reference after completing 6 months of volunteering (or having logged 250 hours).


A Soccarista’s is a 14 or 15 year old Streetsport participant who has demonstrated leadership ability and aims to progress onto volunteer status at the age of 16.

This designation is seen as a bridge between ‘participant’ and ‘volunteer’.

A Soccarista leads by example and acts as a role model within their local community. They assist coaches and volunteers with the set up and delivery of games and other activities and are issued with a specific uniform.