(delivered in partnership with Maker Space)

Street Make aims to inspire creativity and innovation in young people by providing access to ‘creative technology’ within their local communities.

We create ‘Pop Up Maker Spaces’ that provide flexible working environments in a variety of locations and deliver a series of directed and themed workshops that offer access to a range of equipment and digital technologies.

Participants learn how to adapt and customise their clothing and sports equipment using a variety of techniques and technologies including computer aided design, digital fabrication, rapid prototyping and laser cutting.

In line with Aberdeen City’s Vibrant Aberdeen Cultural Strategy the project employs a Maker Coach to plan and the Maker Space workshops and coordinate a range of creative practitioners, academics, postgraduate students, volunteers and others in the delivery of sessions.

Northfield Maker Space in Northfield Community Centre



Young people in Northfield working on the Maker Space project have created their own designs alongside a tattoo artist and Gray’s School of Art graduate Tomasz Wrobel

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Technical Support within the Maker Space Team turns drawings like these into vinyl transfers each week using facilities at MAKE Aberdeen a 3D fabrication lab within Seventeen Belmont Street.
The vinyls are then installed on the young persons bicycle.

This 10 week project is leading towards an after hours free session at Transition Extreme ‘s skate park.

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Delivery partners include Aberdeen City Council, Grampian Information, Seventeen and Make, the Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen.

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