STREAT WISE (working in collaboration with Inch by Inch)

Our StrEat Wise programme is geared towards promoting healthier lifestyles and offers advice on nutrition, physical activity and wellbeing. We work in collaboration with Inch by Inch for Scotland with the aim of making small lifestyle changes.

We actively promote simple easy exercise and show you how to cook simple, quick, tasty meals that save you money.

We’re challenging you to take part in some quick, easy cooking and exercise activities. Each small challenge you take is another step to a healthier, more controlled future.


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Come along to one of our sessions to find out more about how we can assist you with the implementation of a healthy lifestyle regime. A balanced diet can help you look and feel better; have more energy; have better weight control and helps to reduce stress and improve your mood. Food should be fun as well as healthy.

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Some tips include:

– Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.
– Eat more chicken, fish, beans and lean meat instead of processed foods such as burgers, pies and sausages.
– Reduce fat intake by choosing lower fat alternatives.
– Cut down on sugary foods such as cakes, biscuits and sweetened drinks.
– Reduce salt intake – try not to add to your food as many processed food already contain it.
– Base your meals on starchy foods to keep you full for longer and to give you energy.

Eating healthier doesn’t mean cutting out all your favourite foods at once, why not make changes gradually that will fit into your lifestyle. Have a look at the ‘Eat Well Plate’ to understand your body’s requirements:

The main issue with maintaining a balanced healthy diet is by gaining control.


Regular exercise is necessary for any healthy lifestyle. It helps you feel fit, relaxed and gives you more energy. It also helps protect against heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and depression.

30 minutes of moderate exercise a day five days a week will help you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Many people think that you need to take part in regular intensive training sessions to stay fit. While (in moderation) this intense physical activity will of course help you to stay in shape, a healthy lifestyle can be maintained (along with a healthy diet) by simply trying to achieve more activity on a daily basis, try:

– Using the stairs instead of the lift.
– Walking briskly.
– Getting off the bus early and walk the rest of the way.
– Walking or cycling to school.

Why not enjoy……walking more, swimming, cycling, jogging, dancing or playing team sports like football, basketball, rugby or tennis.


Ten tips to tackle stress –

Smoking rates among people with mental illness are a lot higher than those of the general public.
People with mental health problems have a much lower life expectancy than average mainly due to the high levels of smoking related illnesses.
It is common for people with a mental illness to believe that tobacco plays a very important role in their lives, often being rated as a basic need. Some of the suggestions for this are:

– Boredom.
– A belief of social isolation if they don’t.
– Coping with stress.
– Poor concentration.
– Anxiety.

Mental health in smokers and people who drink alcohol:

People who drink a lot of alcohol have more problems with their mental health. Continued excessive drinking can cause memory loss and alcohol related brain damage.

Try to adopt healthier ways to cope, like walking or running, playing a sport, learning to relax and talking through your worries