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Denis Law’s Positive Destination – Torry is an employability initiative aimed at young people living within the Torry area of Aberdeen.

This is a two year programme that enables any 16-19 year old to develop a personalized pathway of activities which will lead towards a positive destination. Everyone’s “POSITIVE DESTINATION” is different. For some it’s college or university, for others its full time employment. It’s achieving where you want to be in life as a career. Examples are endless; you could be an engineer, nurse, sports Coach, chef or any other chosen profession you can imagine.

In partnership with Nexen, Streetsport are offering a two year programme tailored to meet the criteria of your desired career path or further education pathway, offering relevant courses and qualifications that will strengthen your employability in the area you want to work in.

During your time on the programme Streetsport offer a number of courses that help give you the participant a more rounded CV. Such courses include First Aid, child protection, a European computer driving license and theory driving test. You can even choose any sport you like and be put on a progressive coach education pathway. However what sets this apart from any other programme is the “Positive Destination” course. Whatever your “positive destination” is we will place you on the 1st course/qualification that you would need to achieve this. For example if your dream job is to be a tree surgeon then we would place you on a chainsaw course, if you want to be a policeman then we would help improve your communication skills. Essentially whatever you want to be we will help you achieve this. Other organisations offer apprenticeship style pathways that will benefit the organisation long term, we take much greater pride in watching a young person develop into the best that they can be and overcome barriers that stop them achieving their “Positive Destination” in life.

Example courses year 1:

  • National Governing Body Coaching Certificate (Sport of your choice)
  • European Computer Driving Licence (2 year course)
  • First Aid
  • Child Protection
  • “Positive Destination” course for chosen career

Example courses for year 2:

  • National Governing Body Coaching Certificate (next level up from year 1)
  • Theory Driving test
  • CV Workshops
  • Interview Practice
  • Next level of course for participants “Positive Destination”

We also offer support in English and Maths and our mentors will assist you with your CV and personal statement. You will also receive assistance with job applications and interview techniques as well as college/university applications.

To apply click here or for more information please contact Hannah Clews on h.c.clews2@rgu.ac.uk or call 01224263684

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