The Denis Law Legacy Trust’s  Streetsport initiative is delighted to launch its new volunteer programme for young people living in Aberdeen aged between 14 and 16 years of age.

Whilst a Streetsport volunteer’s pathway  starts at 16 we recognise that Aberdeen has a fantastic group of 14-16 year olds looking for opportunity’s to help shape their future and give back to their own community. Our new programme “Heroes of the Cruyff Court” will help provide just that.

The “Heroes” pathway will be shaped around activities on Scotland’s first of its kind free to use un-bookable Astro pitch the “CRUYFF COURT DENIS LAW”. 

yes ball games groupWith the Heroes of the Cruyff Court programme, Streetsport in partnership with the Cruyff Foundation allows young people to be the hero of their own story. We aren’t born as heroes, but we can definitely develop ourselves into becoming one. The program has the intention to develop participants into becoming role models for their community and remain involved and connected to the Cruyff Court in the short- and long-term. The uniqueness of this program is that older youths (14+) help organise sport & game activities for children (10 – 12 yrs) and therewith get the opportunity to discover their talents, to develop themselves and to do something that challenges them in various ways. Throughout the program they are introduced to several business aspects which allows them to explore their own competencies, to grow self-esteem and above all, they can immediately set their ambitions into practice with a hands-on approach. Everyone that successfully passes the program will receive a certificate and will remain involved with the organisation of community activities throughout the year.

More than 1,000 young ones have already been trained by 150 certified coaches world wide, who in turn are trained by the Johan Cruyff Institute. Streetsport currently has 3 volunteers trained as Cruyff Court Coaches and also its own dedicated Cruyff Court coordinator. In collaboration with these coaches approximately 200 events are organised on a yearly basis.

Heres a quote about the programme from Bart de Klein, Cruyff Foundation Coach and social worker at Mozïek Welzijnsdiensten Tiel:

‘The Heroes of the Cruyff Courts program stimulates youth to discover their boundaries and talents. Throughout the program they can explore their competencies and they have their own img_4823responsibilities. This forms a solid base for them to cope with social inconveniences. It really gives them an advantage for the upcoming years of their live!’

An example of one of the events the “Heroes of the Cruyff Court” will be working on is the annual regional Cruyff Court 6 v 6. This event is an international championship that takes place on a local Cruyff Court and is organized by older youth for children between 10 and 12 years old. These championships are organised by participants that have successfully completed the Heroes of the Cruyff Court program. During the championship respect plays a leading role. By signing the respect flag, participants promise to respect each other on and off the field. In the Netherlands Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 results in 200 tournaments per year, including local, quarter and semi-finales. The finale eventually takes place in Amsterdam. Not only in the Netherlands, but in 10 other countries around the globe more than 100,000 children have already participated.

What is the “Heroes of the Cruyff Court” Programme?

  • This volunteer programme is designed for young people aged between 14-16 years old to become involved within their community. It provides volunteers with an opportunity to organise and develop events within Aberdeen that help make a positive contribution and impact locally.
  • Volunteers will work with a certified Cruyff Foundation Coach who will help lead them through a set amount of meetings to discuss, plan and run the Cruyff Foundation Community Program.
  • Through the guidance of a Cruyff Foundation Coach the volunteers will become responsible for making and shaping the events that occur on Aberdeens “Cruyff Court Denis Law” .
  • Skills learned and developed whilst being a “Heroes of the Cruyff Court” include;
    • Organising and co-operating with fellow team members
    • Goal-setting and working to time-limits
    • Being creative
    • Taking responsibility
    • Personal growth and development

CC selfieFor more info on Streetsport and in particular how to become part of the Heroes of the Cruyff Court programme just email h.c.clews2@rgu.ac.uk