Denis Law with a Streetsport Activity Arena“Sport, and in my case, football, played a very important part of my childhood and I firmly believe that the experience and enjoyment that kids get from physical activity will stay with them forever”.

Denis Law, The King – Huddersfield Town, Manchester City, Torino, Manchester United and Scotland.

“Streetsport was established in 2006 as a diversionary tactics initiative led by Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, RGU SPORT and Gray’s School of Art”.

“Gray’s School of Art has an established reputation for community engagement and Streetsport is one of our flagship ‘design led’ initiatives. Successive students from the Communication Design course at Gray’s have contributed to a wide range of activities in collaboration with a variety of project partners, sponsors and stakeholders. Through the application of design methods and processes we have been looking at ways in which designers can apply their skills within the context of intervention and social innovation for the benefit of the local community and wider society”.

“The course is keen to assist and support socially-orientated design initiatives; exploring the role of the designer in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour whilst encouraging wellness, health promotion and social integration. Through the application of design methods and processes we have been looking at ways in which designers can apply their skills to beneficial use both in terms of intervention, inclusivity and the local community”.

Cameron Craddock, Senior Lecturer – Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University.

“As a Communication Design student I was offered the opportunity to work with the Streetsport team on a number of activities and as a football fan and local resident of Aberdeen I was delighted and proud to assist with this initiative which has made such an impact around the city. I was immediately impressed by the range of opportunities and jumped at the chance to collaborate and support my community. I have since developed strong working relationships a number of delivery partners and I hope the project continues to grow and succeed”.

“Upon graduation I was employed by Wired Studio in Aberdeen to work on a wide range of design and strategy projects before moving to London in December 2015. I am currently a Visual & User Experience Designer for global service design agency Great Fridays and have worked on accounts including Adidas, Mastercard and McLaren”.

Ali MacManus, Design Student – Communication Design, Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University.

Paul Lawrie“I’m delighted to be involved with and supporting the Denis Law Legacy Trust and their Streetsport initiative which has a strong affiliation and similar objectives to The Paul Lawrie Foundation. We are keen to introduce golf into the range of activities being delivered and help with wider participation across the city of Aberdeen. The Foundation will enable access to people, facilities and equipment for youths who might not normally get an opportunity to participate in our fantastic sport of golf and get as many young people playing as possible”.

“Ultimately, it would be great to see someone who started playing with Streetsport further develop their golf skills within the Foundation….perhaps we have yet to discover a major talent out there?”.

Paul Lawrie, Open Champion – Ryder Cup Winner.

Willie Miller“We should all encourage socially acceptable behaviour amongst young people. Streetsport has discovered a great way of doing just that across the city of Aberdeen”.

Willie Miller, Football Legend – Aberdeen FC and Scotland.

“We are delighted to work in partnership with the Denis Law Legacy Trust and Streetsport in targeting the areas currently affected by youth annoyance calls. This ensures that provisions are put in place to give the youths something constructive to do with their evenings and in turn improves the quality of life for the residents in the area”.

Sgt. Hamish King, Aberdeen Antisocial Behaviour Unit –  Police Scotland.

“Diverting young people from crime and anti-social behaviour is key to reducing the number of young people offending. Denis Law’s ‘Streetsport’ project is a positive diversionary activity for young people who might have otherwise been getting into trouble with their involvement in wilful fire-raising. Grampian Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) has clear evidence to reflect that where the Streetsport initiative is deployed in “high risk” neighbourhood areas across the city, there is a significant reduction in wilful fires during the times it is deployed. Suffice is to say GFRS will continue to support and endorse Streetsport as an effective and sustained diversionary activity in the combat against wilful fire raising and a means to engage and educate young people”.

Garry Burnett, Head of Aberdeen City Command – Grampian Fire & Rescue Service.

“Aberdeen Safer Community Trust is proud to partner Streetsport. The project is a great asset to the city, helping to reduce neighbourhood annoyance, youth disorder, anti-social behaviour and wilful fire-raising. To ensure safer communities means providing healthy and entertaining channels for the energy of young people, engaging them and making the most of their talents and not just moving them on from damaging activities when there’s nothing else for them to do. Projects like Streetsport have been proven to make a significant and noticeable positive impact on communities and should be supported as much as possible. This is an important initiative because it improves access to sport and creative activities for young people in the community in which they live. That’s why Absafe has supported Streetsport from the start and will continue to do so in the future”.

Emma Bellu, Chief Executive – Absafe (Aberdeen Safer Community Trust).

“The SFA is delighted to work in partnership with the Denis Law Legacy Trust through Streetsport to deliver a comprehensive range of sporting and social opportunities for the young people across Aberdeen. We value the work being carried out by the Streetsport team and are keen to ensure that the programme continues to succeed whilst engaging with the youngsters in and around the city.

The Scottish Football Association has an established track record of providing opportunities for youngsters of any age and ability to be involved in football. In partnership with the Scottish Governments ‘Cashback’ programme we are delighted to be able to team up with RGU:Sport to support and deliver Streetsport sessions across Aberdeen City.

In its position as Scottish Football’s national governing body the SFA are always interested in creating local partnerships with like-minded organisations, and the strength and dedication of the organisations and individuals involved in the Streetsport project made this an obvious choice. We are delighted that via the SFA Street Football “Cashback” programme we can support the current programme and increase the provision of football across the city.

We are confident that this approach to partnership working will pay dividends for youngsters throughout Aberdeen for years to come. The programme has undoubtedly had a positive effect on those involved and long may this continue”.

Graeme Sutherland, North Regional Manager – Scottish Football Association.

Locations 2We just wanted to say a massive thanks from the Powis/Bedford community for providing the free Streetsport sessions.  The kids are buzzing and they really are giving the community a sense of pride in their new park.

Many many thanks from us all.

We look forward to seeing you again next week.

Fiona Lindsay, Powis Residents Group.

“Aberdeen City Council is delighted to sponsor and support Streetsport. Since the project was introduced it has made a positive impact in all of the communities it serves. Engaging our young people in sporting activities helps reduce antisocial behaviour and also contributes to better health and wellbeing.

“I would also like to acknowledge the volunteers who are essential to delivering Streetsport in our communities and thank one of the city’s greatest ambassadors, Denis Law, for his support to the project and I hope it helps to produce future footballing greats and ambassadors for the local community.”

“Diversionary activities like Streetsport are used to enhance wellness and contribute to healthier urban communities. The project also facilitates interaction with a number of key stakeholders across the city including Police Officers; Fire Crews; Community Wardens; Active Schools Coordinators; Social and Street Based Youth Workers”.

“It also aids the development of communication, interpersonal and soft skills including leadership; interaction; negotiation; team working and compromise and improves opportunities for education and employability whilst enabling members of the community to volunteer and gain valuable experience and qualifications”. 

Councillor Neil Cooney, Housing and Environment Convener – Aberdeen City Council.

“Street rugby has allowed us to take rugby to groups of youths in areas with no access to club rugby. Linking with the Streetsportunit has allowed us to make positive links in these areas and we look forward to developing rugby opportunities further next season”.

Peter Young, Rugby Development Officer – Scottish Rugby Union.

“TAQA is delighted to support Streetsport and to help its further expansion into new areas of activity such as Street Art. As a prudent and responsible operator in the North Sea, TAQA cares about the communities that we live and work in. Not only does a thriving and caring community create a positive climate for business, it also improves everyone’s quality of life. Supporting such a special project is an opportunity for TAQA to give something back to the region and to make a real impact on our local communities”.

Britta Hallbauer, Corporate Communications Manager – TAQA (UK).

“The Streetsport team makes a real difference to the lives of young people, giving them the opportunity to participate in sport and socialise in a structured environment. The results achieved speak for themselves”.

“Talisman Energy (UK) Limited kicked off its association with Streetsport with a £25,000 commitment in early 2008, and extended the partnership in May 2009 with another identical donation. The project fits perfectly into Talisman’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme with its commitment to offer young people an opportunity to gather in a safe environment and take part in healthy activities, educating them in the process that there is an alternative to getting caught up in anti-social behaviour”.

Jonathan Moore, Corporate Communications Manager – Talisman Energy (UK) Limited.