‘Supporting & empowering young people to be confident, capable, independent and responsible citizens within their own communities’.

DLLT 10 Logo with signature on black MASTER


The Denis Law Legacy Trust currently operates and delivers a number of ‘free’ to access doorstep activities and programmes across Aberdeen City; helping young people take part in and gain access to sport and other creative activities within their local communities.

The overall aim of our activities is to ‘reduce instances of youth crime and anti-social behaviour; promote health and wellbeing and encourage inclusivity through sport, physical activity and creative endeavour’.


  1. To provide community based events and activities that are free of charge and accessible to all.
  2. To promote participation, social inclusion & integration.
  3. To motivate and empower young people through prevention, intervention & diversionary activities.
  4. To promote respect, civic values and social responsibility within communities and help reduce instances of youth crime and anti-social behaviour.
  5. To promote health and well-being and discourage the misuse of substances, drugs and alcohol.
  6. To promote education and creativity and the development of self-confidence, initiative and interpersonal skills.
  7. To support & reconnect disaffected young people by providing alternative activities and opportunities for achievement.
  8. To provide a platform for positive transformation.
  9. To provide volunteers with opportunities to engage with and pursue personal development activities and qualifications.
  10. To work in partnership and collaborate with all parties who share our common objectives for the benefit of communities and young people.

 Our 10 objectives are inspired by Denis’ famous number 10 shirt:

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In celebration of Denis and his remarkable contribution to the world of sport and the city of Aberdeen a number of fans and corporate sponsors recently commissioned a statue of Denis.

‘Legend’ was created by Alan Beattie Herriot and can be seen at Aberdeen Sports Village.

The iconic image below was the inspiration behind the statue which was unveiled by Sandy Busby (son of Sir Matt Busby) at Aberdeen Sports Village on the 20th July 2012.

The ceremony was attended by Denis and his family along with his Manchester City team mate and friend Mike Summerbee.

Denis Law is still the only Scottish football player to have won the prestigious Ballon d’Or European Footballer of the Year award in 1964.