Claire Brownie

  1. Name: Claire Brownie 10985467_894109900637352_2963117848997443868_n
  2. Sport/club: Scotland National Team and Team Bath Superleague Team
  3. What’s your sporting story?

I currently have 78 International Caps for Scotland.  I have competed in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the World Championships in 2015. I am the current Vice-Captain of the National Squad.

  1. What was the biggest challenge in your sporting career so far and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have has to overcome is two major injuries.  I have had two operations on my right foot and ankle and both required lengthy rehab periods.  Rehab required a lot of self-discipline and motivation to ensure I was patient in my rehab whilst maintain high levels of fitness using alternative training methods.

  1. What attracted you to becoming a “Goal Model”?

I want other people to know that if they work hard and believe in themselves that no matter who they are or where they come from then they can achieve success. 11866459_892567980791544_2762536934037348036_n

  1. How important to you is it to get young people into sport and leadership?

Extremely important.  Sport and leadership bring so many positive attributes.  It obviously bring you health benefits but also so much more. I have travelled the world meet some of my best friends through netball, grown in confidence and enjoyed being part of a team.   The skills you develop from participating in sport are transferable to life and the experiences you gain are very influential.


  1. What would you recommend to young people in Aberdeen who want to become more involved with sport?

You have to give it go.  Initially you might  not know anyone or have any experience playing the sport but that will soon change and it has the power to change your life if you let it.  Ask around and get involved.

  1. Who inspired you when you were younger and why?

My mum had a big influence because she was my first netball coach at school and the local club before I started playing alongside her in the adult league.  She was also the person that would get up in the morning and drive me to early morning swimming practices and competitions.CB torch

  1. If you had the same opportunity in sport again, what would you do differently?

Nothing.  The only other sport I wished I took part in when I was younger was Athletics but I took part in so many different sports I was always reminded that I never had any free time available to take part in that as well.

  1. Why should young people in Aberdeen get involved with the Denis Law Streetsport programme?

It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to try something new and get to know new people. It s on your doorstep so give it a go!

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