The Denis Law Legacy Trust currently operates and delivers 10 programmes and activities across Aberdeen City.

We prioritise prevention through intervention and diversionary tactics and support disadvantaged communities by striving to keep all activities free of charge and therefore remove any barriers to participation.

  1. STREETSPORT – Urban Sports Activities.
  2. CRUYFF COURT DENIS LAW – City Centre Play Area.
  3. COMMUNITY FESTIVALS – Annual Sports Festivals.
  4. POSITIVE DESTINATIONS – Education, Employability and Positive Destinations Pathways.
  5. STRONGER FAMILIES / INSIDE OUT – Prison Visits & Support.
  6. STREAT WISE – Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing Activities.
  7. KICK START – Schools Intervention Activities.
  8. STREET MAKE – Street Art and Creative Activities.
  9. GOAL MODELS Local Role Models.
  10. YES BALL GAMES – National Campaign to remove all No Ball Games Signs for green spaces #YesBallGames

We also have a number of Volunteering Development Opportunities and Pathways.

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Our prevention, intervention and diversionary activities are based around sport, physical activity, creative endeavour and education. We aim to enhance wellness and contribute to healthier urban communities and often facilitate interaction with a number of key stakeholders and delivery partners across the city including Police Officers, Fire Crews, Community Wardens, Streetwork Youth Workers, Academics and Active Schools Coordinators.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our range of activities.

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