Streetsport is proud to announce the success of our latest activity Streetswim.

Streetswim was launched in partnership with Kaimhill Primary School to enable Primary 7 pupils to gain more confidence in and around water. The results were clear: 100% of the participants now believe that if they fell into water they would know how and be able to get out safely.


The Streetswim scheme, which is delivered by the Denis Law Legacy Trust Streetsport programme at RGU SPORT and aimed to help Primary 7 pupils in Garthdee gain confidence in the pool before they move to secondary school.

The Denis Law Legacy Trust Trustees firmly believe that learning to swim should be an integral part of a young persons education and that no one should reach Secondary education without this basic life skill.

RGU SPORT helped facilitate the sessions by offering access to swimming pool time through ‘in kind’ support. The first session attracted 28 pupils from the local primary school.

According to Mark Williams, Streetsport Development Officer, 24 of the 28 children who took part required additional coaching from Streetswim and RGU Swimming Club volunteers as they were not yet able to swim unaided.


Hannah Leslie, RGU SPORT and Physical Activity Development Officer said that they are delighted to work together with Streetsport to support the children in gaining highly important life skills through the Streetswim program.

She said: “With the fantastic work of the Streetsport and RGU SPORT volunteers, we believe that the children involved in the programme will have a positive and fun experience in the swimming pool and hope that this will leave them water confident before they move on to their secondary school journey.”

Street Swim

The initiative comes after the Scottish Government pulled funding from its £1.72m ‘Top Up’ swimming program which supported local authorities to deliver swimming lessons for pupils.

Paddy Jenkins, President of RGU Swimming Club, said: “We believe that swimming can provide a fundamental life skill for a person of any age. Swimming allows a sense of freedom, safety and unlimited health benefits.

“As members of the university swimming and water polo team we experience these benefits regularly and feel that it is only right that we ensure that all children are able to swim upon leaving primary school.”

According to Scottish Swimming, up to 40% of Primary 7 pupils heading to secondary school are non-swimmers.

Furthermore our Streetswim initiative discovered that 4 out of 5 of our participants were unable to swim without some sort of swimming aid.

Feedback from the participants on conclusion of the initiative:

  • 100% of participants now feel that if they fell into water they could get out safely.
  • 100% of participants would like to see the activity continue.
  • 100%of the participants feel more confident in water thanks to Streetswim.
  • 100% of participants had fun at the sessions.
  • 100% of the participants found the instructors to be fun.
  • 95% of participants are keen to swim more often now because of Streetswim.