Ruairidh Morrison has been involved in Streetsport for the last 6 years, during which he has progressed from a participant to a Volunteer to a Soccarista and is now being paid as a Coach at our increasingly successful Garthdee session on a Wednesday evening.


Name: Ruairidh Morrison

Position: Streetsport Coach

Location: Garthdee

Rewind back to 2010 Ruairidh was just starting out on his Streetsport journey as a participant. Since then, he has progressed through the ranks from being a volunteer for a couple of years to all the way to becoming a paid coach for the Denis Law Legacy Trust.  His six years spent with StreetSport have seen him witness many changes, the biggest of those being in session participations and the recent huge growth in provision.

The Garthdee session at Kaimhill Astro, led by Ruahiridh, has passed from a being a small session based up at Inchgarth Community Centre to one of Streetsports largest, attracting participants from all across the city.

Dealing with over 40 participants of all different ages every week is not easy, but Ruairidh manages perfectly thanks to forward planning and to his ability to observe and solve any problems early doors.

An Exemplar Team Member

During his time at Streetsport as well as receiving First Aid and Child Protection training he has gained a number of NGB coaching qualifications which has helped him grow in confidence.

Reflecting on what he has experienced so far and how StreetSport has helped him, he explains that what he enjoys most is meeting new people and trying different sports. But also, Ruahiridh appreciates his intense professional evolution, improving especially his preparation, leadership and communication skills. As a result of this, his confidence, life skills and overall employability have also increased.

ruairidh 2

One of the successful Garthdee sessions that Ruairidh leads.

Mark Williams, StreetSport Development Officer, affirms that Ruairidh is “a consistent and valuable member of the Streetsport team.” “He has taken on a big responsibility leading the Garthdee session and everyone at the Trust is immensely proud of him, he really deserves a lot of credit for the success of the session and it is great to watch him become a role model in his own local community to other younger participants.”

We can say out loud that Ruairidh’s journey epitomizes what Streetsport aims to do: create fun and safe environments for young people so they become more physically active and engaged in positive activities. All of it led by former participants, who have the opportunity to give back to their local community. Thus, the Garthdee session is a perfect example of what we can find all over Aberdeen thanks to StreetSport and our volunteers.

Thank you for all you do, Ruairidh!