Denis Law’s Streetsport and Judy Murray’s Tennis on the Road start our first partnership with this exciting new programme: Street Tennis.

The project will provide free training to children from deprived areas of Aberdeen and to our young volunteers.


StreetTennis has been created thanks to the strong will of Streetsport and Tennis on the Road to make a difference for the children living in the most disadvantaged areas of Aberdeen.

The programme, starting in June, will follow the StreetSport’s dynamic, but giving children the opportunity to learn how to play tennis, instead of football. Thus, it will consist of four night sessions where young people between 10 and 14 will be able to enjoy free tennis lessons imparted by our volunteers.

The chosen locations are Northfield, Torry, Inchgath and Sheddocksly, all of them featuring in Scotland’s Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Furthermore, participants who will continue throughout the programme will receive great the opportunity to attend high level tennis tournament/matches for free as well as expert tuition and signposting to local Tennis clubs.

Volunteers’ amazing experience

Besides, not only children will be able to benefit from Street Tennis.

Our 12 volunteers are receiving outstanding training by the internationally recognised Kris Soutar, one of the best coaches of Scotland.

This group is composed by four young people from the targeted areas, four more with certain experience in this field and four more from the Aberdeen community. We are sure that that this experience will make a difference in their personal and professional future, enhancing highly their employability.

Expected outcomes

Streetsport eliminates the travel/cost barriers in order to raise participation in the activities and improve the effectivity. As a consequence, we have a proven record of reducing antisocial behaviour on average by 44%, and it is expected that StreetTennis will help reduce this further, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle and encouraging inclusivity.